Technologies Powering Personal Choice

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What We Do

We are reimagining humanity’s relationship with technology. This shift requires new architecture and operating systems.

What's at Stake

Your Choice

Own your devices, don’t let them own you

Your Identity

Control your digital presence

Your Humanity

Reclaim dominion over your technology

Why It Matters

Technology offers you conveniences, but you are paying a price for that convenience beyond the sticker price of your device: that price is control over your identity and freedom to choose how and when third parties monetize your information.

Beyond standard privacy concerns like data breaches and the sale of your personal information, you lack control over something more basic: who owns your digital identity.

Explore Our Products

SDK Co is building a full-spectrum of new technologies that empower human beings to regain control, establish dominion over their data, and securely own their digital assets, as well as connect to an efficient distribution network through a peer-to-peer economy.


Devices that allow you to store and control your personal information and data, utiliizing a decentralized personal identity.

Operating Systems

Privacy-guaranteed operating system with flexible lifestyle mode options, allowing you to combine secure communications with standard conveniences.

Vault Storage

Secure vault storage through decentralized cloud scalability, which disperses your information across different hard drives so no single device houses your data.


Apps that allow you to control your data and choose how you communicate.


Platforms that power your creative IP in the new digital economy.

P2P Digital Marketplace

A two-sided marketplace that enables fans, as well as artists, influencers and musical artists to monetize their assets through direct peer-to-peer selling. Verified and payable with smart contracts.

Contract Engines

Tools for easy deployment and customization of smart contract engines that automatically register transactions for easy royalty and commission payments.

New Web3 Ecosystem

A whole new digital ecosystem of users and third-party developers deploying applications that empower human beings to own and monetize their data and information on their terms.

What We Believe

We believe people are inherently free and should be able to choose and consent to the larger systems they participate in. Our mission is to present a viable, more humane alternative to the current status quo.

Optimism is earned. And it requires action.

Our Platforms

A peer-to-peer business model that deploys a secure mobile operating system and line of revolutionary, encrypted phones with optionality for standard conveniences.

Reimagine the Future With Us

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We do not sell your data or use it for any nefarious purposes.

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